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Recreational center "Tayozhnye Bani": bath complex-estate

Welcome to the official website of the bath complex-estate "Tayozhnye Bani" in Moscow. A good rest after a working week – is necessary for people of any metropolis, dreaming to enjoy the peace and quiet. We carefully preserve the ancient Russian traditions and offer high-quality and inexpensive service. The recreational center - "Tayozhnye Bani": You hit the jackpot!

Our bath complex is a real Russian sauna in the forest! There are seven thematic log houses for you: with a stove on birch logs and a broom! It is no secret that there are too much bath complexes in Moscow, as in any other major city, today. However, it is very difficult to find the right bath among them, especially if you need a Russian sauna with a broom. Choosing our recreational center in Volokolamsky district of Moscow, you are lost in an atmosphere of total relaxation, forgetting about the hustle and bustle and everyday problems! The faultless provision of services, inexpensive fare and strong traditions - we are ready to pamper you the best!

Log house "Hunting" – a rambling, cozy sauna with billiards and pool, built of natural logs which attracts attention with a natural foundation and unpretending beauty. It is pleasant to relax in such a house after a complicated urban rhythm. Sauna with billiards is a place where you can truly relax, plunge into the warmth of clean taiga air, enjoy peace and quiet.

This is for those who like to relax in the best traditions of the merchant – with the pool, Billiards and generous feasts. The log house "Merchant" is for those who know how to enjoy life and want to be lost in the atmosphere of traditional Russian abundance. Deliberate roughness of the walls of Northern pine, treated so as to preserve the natural wood texture, combined with luxurious furnishings and cosy decor. The pride of the log house is a steam room with a wood-burning stove. Hot saturated steam relieves muscle tension, energizes and gives strength. The air is full of the scents of pine-tree forest. Heated, pine wood allocates special substances – phytoncides with powerful antibiotic properties. Having plunged into the pool with cool crystal clear water, located directly in the inner courtyard, you will feel yourself born again, and bathing in the healing oak barrel fills your body lightness and calm nerves.

In our Russian sauna everything is thought out to the last detail and the log house“Gzhel” is not exception: in Ancient Russia, a sauna on firewood was always standing on a river or lake. So we have - each log house has its own outdoor swimming pool, giving guests the opportunity to dip into the cool water. The courtyard with the pool is hidden from prying eyes by a high fence so that no one could interrupt your rest.

The log house "Rus" – is a real Russian sauna in Moscow, choose it! Having crossed the threshold, you will be transferred to a hospitable house on the edge of the forest. It will be pleasant to relax here a cheerful company for up to 15 people or rent a sauna for two to spend time privately in the fabulous interiors of the "three bears" house. The log house made of the northern pine is decorated with bright folk ornaments that radiate strength and energy. The furniture made of solid wood is complements interior. A beautiful sauna with a real stove will envelop you with clubs of hot healing steam. For those who like it hot, we can raise the temperature to 130 degrees and to cheer after the steam room you can doused into a bucket of ice water or or dive into the pool in the courtyard. If you like more relaxed procedure, fit the barrel with a healing solution prepared especially for you. On the second floor there is a spacious billiard room, on the first floor there are a modern stereo system for karaoke, DVD and a large plasma panel for you.

Do you need a sauna with a firewood stove? You can find a spacious sauna with steam room and hammam for a large company in the log house “Ermak”. This log house is for the lovers of real Turkish ritual. There is also nine-meter pool overlooking the inner courtyard with two spacious phyto-barrels and the interior is made in the attributes of the epoch of Ivan the terrible and a rich merchant's life, you can fell the spirit of military victories and conquest of Siberia. The log house is made of row material of the Siberian pine, which exudes a fascinating aroma, filling the room with invigorating phytoncides.

The log house is decorated in a unique style, combining Russian and European traditions. Spacious lounges, made in the spirit of the common rooms, and invite you to share adventurous stories with friends. In our bath complex you will be able to rent a house with a pool and phytol barrel for quite inexpensive.

The art of steaming is the most useful and at the same time one of the most difficult. Visiting the log house “Baikal” allows you to get a soft steam of the Russian sauna. The stove is designed for a classic Russian steam room with a closed heater. The absence of convection flow in the heater is the hotter stones, and as a consequence the invisible light steam.

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Our wood-burning sauna is a place where we carefully preserve the ancient traditions and where you are always welcome. Come! We offer the best bath procedures from all over the world.

In addition, our bath in Moscow is not only professional steam room attendants and masseuses, a unique interior and a warm atmosphere, it's also a whole range of related inexpensive services: spa programs, restaurant services, laundry, parking and more.

Recreational center in Moscow with individual houses and a swimming pool

The bath complex-estate "Tayozhnye Bani" in Moscow is a unique place created for rest and recovery. In the environment of nature there are 7 real log houses. Each of them has an exclusive design with a special theme. At our recreational center you can rent any of the favorite houses for one or several days.

So, the log house "Hunting" is a unique man's atmosphere with numerous trophies and exclusive elements of a decor. It is made of natural logs and attracts unassuming beauty. Renting this log house on our recreational center is not just an opportunity to really relax and plunge into the warmth of clean taiga air, this is an ideal solution for active recreation lovers, because in this house you can find billiards and pool.

If you are looking for an inexpensive recreational center not with just a sauna and billiards, but an opportunity to sing in karaoke, then the log house "Merchant" is at your disposal. This two-storeyed log house is made in the best merchant traditions, here you will find a special design with deliberate roughness of the walls of Northern pine, a steam room with a wood-burning stove and a powerful stereo system with radio microphones, a plasma panel and DVD.

The log house “Gzhel” is intended for 15 people has an exclusive design and its own outdoor swimming pool, hidden from prying eyes by a high fence, so that no one interferes with the sacrament of purification.

You will also find a swimming pool in the two-storeyed log house "Rus" from our bath complex. This log house is decorated in the best traditions of a real Russian sauna and gives an opportunity to spend an excellent time in a company of 15 people or retiring in the fairy-tale interior of the "Three Bears" with a couple or a family with children.

The log house "Ermak" is a real steam sauna that absorbed a harmonious combination of the Ivan the Terrible era and rich merchant life, the spirit of military victories and conquest of Siberia. This is a sauna with a steam room and a true Turkish hamam.

Space of the log house "Peter I" is decorated in a unique style, combining Russian and European traditions. Here you can also enjoy SPA-procedures in a phyto-barrel set in a cozy and closed courtyard.

And, finally, the lovers of a well thought-out stove and a closed heater will appreciate the soft steam of this Russian sauna in the log house "Baikal".

List of prices

Up to 50% of the rent for a bath has been extended! Hurry up to book at the best price.
Bathhouses с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
Log house "Hunting" 
6 000 5000 rub/hour 6 000 5000 rub/hour 
Log house "Merchant"
6 000 5000 rub/hour 6 000 5000 rub/hour
Log house “Gzhel”
6 000 5000 rub/hour 6 000 5000 rub/hour
Log house "Rus"
6 000 4000 rub/hour 6 000 4000 rub/hour
Log house “Ermak”
10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour
Log house "Peter I"
6 000 
3000 rub/hour
6 000 
3000 rub/hour
Log house “Baikal”
10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour
Sauna Ofuro 2 000 rub/hour

2 000 rub/hour

Hamam (Turkish sauna) 10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour

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Russian sauna on the wood

It is a real Russian sauna in Moscow! There are seven thematic log houses for you. In the complex "Tayozhnye Bani" you can rent a sauna for two people for a weekend or for one day. The sauna on the wood – that is what you need for a good rest after a working week. Our baths and saunas in Moscow work every day without days off. It is very simple to rent a bath!

Hotel "Taiga"

12 cozy rooms decorated in a design style. You will find a hospitable, cozy atmosphere, free parking, restaurant service.

Karaoke G-voice

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the performance of your favorite tunes!

«Tayozhnye Bani»

a place where men gather

Here you can rent a sauna, a bath or order a procedure in phyto barrel. "Tayozhnye Bani"is a unique Moscow bath complex, created for rest and recovery. In the environment of nature there are 7 real log houses. Each of them has an exclusive design with a special theme. Our Russian bath on firewood has no equal. In addition to the classical procedures offered by the baths of Moscow, we can order relaxing massage, swim in the pool, relax your soul and body in a pleasant atmosphere. We provide a variety of bath services, including hammam, ofuro, phyto- and entertainment. You can rent a bath for a day or for a weekend, for several people, or for a large company. "Tayozhnye Bani" is a real Russian sauna on firewood in Moscow (the nearest metro stations are Shodnenskaya, Tushino, Strogino and Myakinino). Having visited our Russian baths in Moscow, you can play billiards, table tennis, swim in the pool, taste exciting cuisine from a professional chef, singing in karaoke. Experienced masseurs and bath attendants work for you in the Tushino baths. More detailed information about the Russian bath in Moscow and other services of the entertaining and health-improving complex "Tayozhnye Bani" can find on the official website. Moscow baths - are always light steam! Among the diversity of the baths in Moscow, today there is a markedly distinguished Russian sauna on firewood in the complex "Tayozhnye Bani". This bath in Moscow, indeed, is really good. Here you will be pleased not only with a sauna with a stove on birch logs and excellent service, but also observance of old traditions. In addition, a lot of extra services are available in the "Tayozhnye Bani" including restaurant service, a swimming pool, a procedure in the phyto barrel, and various types of massage. All the details about the services, ordering of log houses and prices you can find here, on the official site of the baths in Moscow.

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Tayozhnye Bani

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